What you need to know about playing Roulette

What you need to know about playing Roulette

Want to know the rules of Roulette? You’re on the right page! Let’s talk about Roulette… In each Roulette game, the dealer throws the ball on the roulette wheel numbered in rotation. The goal is to predict in what number the ball will fall, through the placement of chips in the desired boxes on the mat. At the beginning of the round, the dealer will open the bets and the players will choose the boxes on the mat. Then, the dealer will close the bets, and you can’t bet more. At that time, you will start rolling the ball on the roulette wheel until it stops. The dealer will announce the winner, remove the losing chips and pay the victors. All this makes playing Roulette so simple!

A simple but classic game

What makes roulette a classic game? Italo Calvino defined a classic as “that which can’t be indifferent and that serves to define yourself …” Certainly, it is impossible to be indifferent to Online Roulette; it is an extraordinary and unforgettable experience that will make you come back and come back. In addition, you do not have to be an expert to enjoy the emotion of this elemental game. The rules are clear, the payments are interesting, and their sophistication is accessible to all pockets. Roulette is universally recognized as the queen of casinos.

The advantages for the casino

Depending on the roulette, there are different advantages for online casinos. In European or French Roulette there is a single box with zero (“0”), so the advantage for the house is 1 in 37, or 2.7%. While the American Roulette has two squares with zeroes: one zero (“0”) and one double zero (“00”), in addition to the 36 red / black, even / odd numbers. Consequently, the advantage for the house is 2/38, or 5.26%.

Betting opportunities

On the mat, the combinations of bets are multiple. However, a good roulette player must establish a good betting strategy in order to increase his odds of winning. As a roulette strategist, your betting system is based on a balance between the betting areas, playing between the boxes with the highest payout ratio (such as direct bets) and minimizing those that pay less (such as betting on color). But a good player also listens to that little internal voice that announces that he bets on his favorite numbers.

Betting levels and multipliers

You know, there are many ways to win at Roulette. The classification of bets according to their position on the mat, divided into Internal (bets are placed inside the box of the cap) and External (they are placed in the areas that occupy the limits of it). All indicate how payments are made during the game.

Why it is important to choose the best casino as your playground

Now you have the right skills and strategies to play Roulette. After all it only covers 50% of your capital. You need the right playground to win your money or you will end up finding you are in a hole of misfortune.

Of course every casino claims itself is the best but there are some parameters that can be used to determine whether a casino is worth considering. One important factor is legality. Make sure you play Roulette in a casino that has really been legalized. The second factor is the payment method used. Try to choose a casino that uses common payment methods such as PayPal, Visa and so forth. Official collaboration with various payment methods ensures that your casino is eligible to play.

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