What You Should Do After Experiencing Sexual Assault

What You Should Do After Experiencing Sexual Assault

In the United States, one person is assaulted sexually every 98 seconds. Sexual assault is prevalent, but only six out of 1,000 sexual offenders are put in jail. Despite the number of sexual assault victims, their perpetrators are still at large due to the lack of legal help for the victims. If you have suffered any form of sexual assault, don’t be afraid to fight for your rights. File a case against the person or people who assaulted you so justice can be brought against them.

Never the Victim’s Fault

Sexual assault has many forms; however, there is one thing in common – the victim didn’t give consent. Sexual assault can be in the form of:

  • Attempted rape
  • Forcing sexual acts on the victim
  • Rape
  • Unwanted or unconsented sexual touching

Sexual assault can happen anywhere, and the perpetrators can be anyone – a family member, your friend, coworker, or a stranger. You need to take legal action if you are a victim of sexual abuse.

What to Do After a Sexual Assault

Victims of sexual assault are often afraid of what might happen if they reported what happened to them. They might fear for their life, or they are fearful of how the society may perceive them. However, if you are a victim of this type of abuse, do not let fear get the best of you. Be brave and report the incident immediately.

After a sexual assault, report the abuse right away. Some victims fail to report it at once because they are embarrassed or afraid. However, this will only give power to the person who assaulted them. Reporting a sexual assault may be difficult, but you can consider these tips to make it bearable.

  • Talk to a loved one or a friend. Immediately after the attack, you must go somewhere public or to a place where a lot of people are present. Doing so will prevent your attacker from making more sexual advances towards you. You can also go to a friend’s or a loved one’s house so you can tell them immediately about what happened. Identify who assaulted you and ask your friend or family member for help in reporting it to the authorities.
  • Go to the hospital. You also need to go to the emergency room so they can determine if you are injured due to your sexual assault. The medical practitioners can also identify if there is evidence of sexually transmitted diseases, injuries to the genitalia, and pregnancy. The hospital can then provide evidence for your case when needed.
  • Report the incident to the police. Reporting and recalling the traumatic incident to the police may be a difficult decision, but it can help the police catch the person responsible for the abuse. The police can conduct an investigation and put the abuser behind bars.

You cannot do this on your own. You need the support of your family and you need legal assistance from a lawyer. No one has the right to violate you in any way. You deserve respect just like any person and sexual abuse violates that respect and your rights as a person. To seek legal advice on how to file a case against your sexual abuser, please click here.

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