Why It Takes High-Level Skills To Master Indian Rummy

Why It Takes High-Level Skills To Master Indian Rummy

Of the many variants of rummy, Indian Rummy is a popular choice. It is true that a lot of us have learnt this game in our growing years and have enjoyed playing a round or two with family, and later with friends too. Because we have practically grown up playing this variant, we probably haven’t given much thought to the fact that this is a thorough skill-based card game that even the courts of law in India term as a non-gamble and a game of immense knowledge and focus. Here are some reasons why the Indian Rummy game demands skills of a different level to master:

The number factor

Indian Rummy involves playing with 13 cards. Unlike many variants of rummy and other card games too, playing with these many cards requires a level of focus that is quite distinguished. At the same time, you need to be on the lookout for what kind of sequences your opponents might be planning on. The ability to handle more with the cards you’re dealt, along with strategizing and observing, takes skill and precision.

Officially recognized as a skill-based game

Indian Rummy is officially recognized as a game of skill, more than just luck, in India. Unlike other card games like poker and teen patti, Indian Rummy is known to be a game that requires one to know the rules and abide by them, and at the same time be analytical and make the best use of the cards they have. Even if rummy is played for stakes, it is not considered a gamble as the essence of skill sets remains. This is why the courts of law in India have recognized the game as a skill-based one. According to the Supreme Court of India, gambling involves betting and wagering only in games that are based on chance alone, not skills. Hence, gambling does not include games of skill. A game of skill may involve some amount of luck, but majorly requires knowledge of the game, practice, experience, and competence.

Beyond just playing cards

Indian Rummy, as has been established, requires presence of mind and optimum observational skills. As one keeps playing this game, their brain gets trained to think strategically with calm and composure. These skills help in other aspects of life too, be they education, profession, business, or managing home affairs. Moreover, the power of the brain to grasp more in less time and make the best use of the circumstance to win is a crucial takeaway from Indian Rummy. And, as a corollary, if you are a good rummy player and have the smarts, you could also play online during your free time and earn additional money. Considering this game is relatively easy to learn and play, and it is a legal game, people across different segments can engage in a few games regularly online and make a good amount of money. Students could take it up as a source of pocket money, working professionals could get a side income, and those who aren’t into any profession per se could also turn to this to make some cash for themselves.

Indian Rummy is undoubtedly a fun and engaging game that is unlike any other card game. The popularity of rummy is so high that a lot of sites are dedicated to it, including its many variants like Indian Rummy, Gin Rummy, Pool Rummy, and Deal Rummy. One of these sites is Khelplayrummy.com, which offers a 100% secure platform to enjoy your games without worrying about fraudulence, game rigging, and hacking of your account. Also, the online assistance to players is efficient and highly knowledgeable. Log onto the site to start an exciting rummy journey and win loads of cash.


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